Shaping effects on scrape-off layer plasma turbulence: A rigorous validation of three-dimensional simulations against TCV measurements

The effect of plasma shaping on scrape-off layer (SOL) plasma turbulence is investigated through a rigorous validation exercise. Two- and three-dimensional simulations of the SOL plasma dynamics in three TCV limited discharges are carried out with the GBS code. These discharges realize an almost circular magnetic equilibrium, an elongated equilibrium, and an elongated equilibrium with negative triangularity. For the three plasma discharges, three simulations are performed, considering (i) a three-dimensional model with an explicit dependence on elongation, triangularity, and the inverse aspect ratio; (ii) a circular three-dimensional model in the infinite aspect ratio limit; and (iii) a two-dimensional model, which assumes a circular magnetic equilibrium in the infinite aspect ratio limit, cold ions, and interchange driven turbulence in the sheath limited regime. Ten validation observables common to simulations and experimental measurements from a reciprocating probe located at the TCV outer midplane are identified, and the agreement between experimental and numerical results relative to each observable is evaluated. The composite metric introduced by Ricci et al. [Phys. Plasmas 18, 032109 (2011)] is then used to assess the overall agreement between simulations and experimental measurements. It is found that the shaping model implemented in GBS improves the description of SOL plasma turbulence, taking into account the impact of elongation and triangularity.

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Physics of Plasmas, 27, 1, 012301
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