Benchmark for Bimanual Robotic Manipulation of Semi-deformable Objects

We propose a new benchmarking protocol to evaluate algorithms for bimanual robotic manipulation semi-deformable objects. The benchmark is inspired from two real-world applications: (a) watchmaking craftsmanship, and (b) belt assembly in automobile engines. We provide two setups that try to highlight the following challenges: (a) manipulating objects via a tool, (b) placing irregularly shaped objects in the correct groove, (c) handling semi-deformable objects, and (d) bimanual coordination. We provide CAD drawings of the task pieces that can be easily 3D printed to ensure ease of reproduction,and detailed description of tasks and protocol for successful reproduction, as well as meaningful metrics for comparison. We propose four categories of submission in an attempt to make the benchmark accessible to a wide range of related fields spanning from adaptive control, motion planning to learning the tasks through trial-and-error learning.

Published in:
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Feb 10 2020
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