Linking business model innovation with energy system optimization

There are dedicated computational models and platforms to facilitate the design and planning of multi-energy-systems. However, the widespread adoption of new technological solutions largely depends on the right business models. Whilst there exists a list of possible business opportunities emerging with a multi-energy-system, there is lacking guidance on how to match their design with business models. A close fit could possibly increase the speed of implementation of a new energy solution. This study describes and tests a methodology to evaluate and improve the match between business models of selected companies and planned multi-energy-systems. A total of six districts with planned energy systems as well as six companies were assessed for their matching potential. Then, mutual adaptation between the business model and the further energy system optimization was tested as a way to improve the match.

Scartezzini, Jean-Louis
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CISBAT 2019 | Climate Resilient Cities – Energy Efficiency & Renewables in the Digital Era, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 4-6, 2019
IOP Science
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