2d-3d sculpture paintings

We disclose a method for synthesizing by computer an artwork where 2D and 3D contents are integrated within a same composition. Such an artwork creates plausible effects for the viewers by showing a different relationship between 2D and 3D at each viewing angle. Methods are proposed for ensuring the continuity between the 2D and the 3D parts in terms of mesh geometry and reflected colors. The user selects from a given scene a region of interest (ROI) to be reproduced in 3D. A flat rendering grid is created that matches the topology and tesselation of the ROI. The ROI is attached to the rendering grid. To enhance the continuity between the 2D and the 3D parts of a scene object, the 2D part of the object can be represented as bas-relief. Designers can create 2D-3D sculpture paintings for decoration, exhibitions, and homes.

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