As traffic congestion becomes a huge problem for most developing and developed countries across the world, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are becoming a hot topic that is attracting attention of researchers and the general public alike. In this paper, we demonstrate a specific implementation of an ITS system whereby traffic lights are actuated by DSRC radios installed in vehicles. More specifically, we report the design of prototype of a DSRC-Actuated Traffic Lights (DSRC-ATL) system. It is shown that this system can reduce the travel time and commute time significantly, especially during rush hours. Furthermore, the results reported in this paper do NOT assume or require all vehicles to be equipped with DSCR radios. Even with low penetration ratios, e.g., when only 20% of all vehicles in a city are equipped with DSRC radios, the overall performance of the designed system is superior to the current traffic control systems.