Interactive Real-time Structural Modelling - Solids

The aim of this master project is to develop a fast computing method for nonlinear geometrical structuralanalysis. Theprincipleistouseadynamicrelaxationalgorithminsteadofthestandard FEMmethodthatmostlyuseNewtonRaphsonmethods. OncontrarytostandardFEMmethod, the dynamic relaxation method is computed at the element level without ever building the global mass, stiffness or damping matrices. Thus resulting in a less complex algorithm, as needed for real time application. If the method already exist since a long time, it was mostly developed in the field of structural analysis for reticular elements such as cable, beam and bars. The present work consist of developing the formulation for 3-D elements, with tetrahedron in particular. This master project will present the developed formulation and compare the results obtained in terms of both accuracy and speed with different case study. The results of the present work show good results in terms of accuracy with regards to commercial FEM software. The method also appears more robust than standard FEM for certain problems. The time per iterations was noticeably reduced without however competing in terms of total computation time due to the non-implicit integration scheme.

Smith, Ian F. C.
Senatore, Gennaro
Jan 23 2020

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