Microfluidic sensor and method for obtaining such a sensor

The invention describes a method for producing hybrid microelectronic/microfluidic sensors at industrial scale. The method is characterized in that it comprises the following steps for obtaining said microfluidic channel: a) a first lamination step of a dry film resist onto a PCB panel; b) a photostructuration step of the dry film resist on the PCB panel; and c) a closure step of the photostructured dry film resist to obtain the microfluidic channel. The method adapts standard PCB manufacturing processes used at industrial level by repeating some of the passages thereof, in order to produce microfluidic channels built-in with the microelectronic components in the form of a photostructured dry film resist laminated on a previously obtained PCB panel. The microchannels are moreover simply integrated in the final sensors via standardized design rules and tools used in industrial PCB manufacturing. Microelectronic/microfluidic sensors obtainable by the presently invented method are also herein disclosed.

Alternative title(s) : (fr) Capteur microfluidique et procédé d'obtention d'un tel capteur
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