Presented herein are devices for collecting and/or channeling a biofluid (e.g., sweat, tears, saliva) and detecting and/or quantifying one or more biomarkers in the biofluid. The biomarker(s) may include, for example, ions, salts thereof, hormones and/or steroids, proteins, metabolites and organic compounds. In certain embodiments, the devices described herein include a specially designed interface and a zero-energy micro pump that allow the device to be comfortably affixed directly to the skin of a user while biofluid is efficiently and non-invasively collected from the skin of the user. In certain embodiments, the device is housed on or in another wearable device, such as a wrist band or a smart watch. In certain embodiments, the devices described herein are disposable (e.g., after a certain period of use and/or wear the device can be disposed and replaced with a low- cost replacement).