Temporal photon correlation measurement, instrumental to probing the quantum properties of light, typically requires multiple single photon detectors. Progress in single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array technology highlights their potential as high-performance detector arrays for quantum imaging and photon number–resolving (PNR) experiments. Here, we demonstrate this potential by incorporating a novel on-chip SPAD array with 42% peak photon detection efficiency, low dark count rate and crosstalk probability of 0.14% per detection in a confocal microscope. This enables reliable measurements of second and third order photon correlations from a single quantum dot emitter. Our analysis overcomes the inter-detector optical crosstalk background even though it is over an order of magnitude larger than our faint signal. To showcase the vast application space of such an approach, we implement a recently introduced super-resolution imaging method, quantum image scanning microscopy (Q-ISM).