All-inorganic metal halide perovskites are showing promising development towards efficient long-term stable materials and solar cells. Element doping, especially on the lead site, has been proved to be a useful strategy to obtain the desired film quality and material phase for high efficient and stable inorganic perovskite solar cells. Here we demonstrate a function by adding barium in CsPbl(2)Br. We find that barium is not incorporated into the perovskite lattice but induces phase segregation, resulting in a change in the iodide/bromide ratio compared with the precursor stoichiometry and consequently a reduction in the band gap energy of the perovskite phase. The device with 20 mol% barium shows a high power conversion efficiency of 14.0% and a great suppression of non-radiative recombination within the inorganic perovskite, yielding a high open-circuit voltage of 1.33 V and an external quantum efficiency of electroluminescence of 10(-4).