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State-of-the art models for statistical properties within the nanowire ensembles consider influx of precursors, reflection and surface diffusion of adatoms. These models predict a delay in the nanowire growth start and the evolution toward an asymmetric length distribution. We demonstrate here the effect of desorption of the nanowire material, which has not been considered so far in studies of the nanowire length distributions. We show that at the very beginning of growth the length distribution should be asymmetric due to the slow nucleation of nanowires. At longer times, the length distribution acquires a symmetric Gaussian shape due to the increased weight of desorption. The width of this distribution is larger than Poissonian and increases for higher ratio of desorption over deposition rate. Our model is consistent with the length evolution of organized self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires. We outline that desorption of the nanowire material should be minimized to achieve arrays of highly identical nanowires. These results are relevant for a wide variety of material systems.