The Joint European Torus (JET), the largest magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment in operation, has a large amount of key diagnostics for physics exploration and machine operation, which include several Gamma Ray Diagnostics. The Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS), Gamma Camera (GC) and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Upgrade (GSU) diagnostics have similar Control and Data Acquisition Systems (CDAQ) based on the Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture standard, featuring Field Programmable Gate Arrays for data processing and management.
During past JET-EP2 enhancements, the GRS and GC diagnostics were successfully installed and commissioned. However, the installed CDAQ software that interfaces these diagnostics to JET Control and Data Acquisition System is different, requiring higher maintenance costs.
Benefiting from the Gamma Camera Upgrade (GCU) and new GSU installation and commissioning, the upgrading of the software and controller hardware used in the GRS and GC was evaluated, aiming at software standardization between all three diagnostics for easier maintenance.
This paper describes the software standardization process between the diagnostics towards the usage of the same CDAQ software as well as the same Operating System (OS) for the controllers, which allows the operator to minimize the maintenance time, avoiding the need for system specific expertise. The rationale behind the choice of MARTe framework as CDAQ software and Scientific Linux as OS will also be presented.