Measurements of neutron streaming through penetrations in biological shields are being carried out at JET fusion device by means of thermoluminescence (TL) detectors with the objective to validate the neutronics codes and nuclear data widely applied in ITER nuclear analyses in a real fusion environment. TLDs response due to the neutron component of the radiation field is related to the neutron fluence in a well-defined neutron energy spectrum. Therefore, a TLDs calibration in real fusion radiation fields is necessary to allow neutron fluence from TL measurements at JET to be more precisely calculated. Hence, a MCP-N and MCP-7 TLDs produced at the IFJ PAN in Krakow were calibrated at the ENEA facilities of Frascati and Casaccia laboratories. The obtained results have been analysed and new calibration factors are proposed. The detection system based on TLDs developed and calibrated for JET experiments can then be generally applied not only to fusion neutron fields, but also to ITER to monitor the neutron fluence outside the biological shield.