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Refining Biomass Residues for Sustainable Energy and Bioproducts: Technology, Advances, Life Cycle Assessment and Economics is a one-stop reference on the biorefinery of various kinds of residue and waste feedstock for the sustainable production of biofuels and biochemicals. Written by a team of global experts, this book introduces the concept of integrated biorefinery systems for waste management, as well as their operation and feedstock sourcing. It explores the specificities, current developments and potential end-products of various types of residue, from industrial and municipal, to agricultural and marine, also discussing residue from food industries. Finally, global case studies examine successful experiences in different regions. Practitioners and consultants in the biorefinery, bioenergy and biochemicals sector, as well as those working on waste management will benefit from this book's well-structured content on the types of waste they may encounter, their processing and pre-processing requirements, possible end-products, and cost and sustainability aspects.