Ruthenium Oxide Nanosheets for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Catalysis in Acidic Medium

The fabrication of highly active and robust hexagonal ruthenium oxide nanosheets for the electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in an acidic environment is reported. The ruthenate nanosheets exhibit the best OER activity of all solution-processed acid medium electrocatalysts reported to date, reaching 10 mA cm(-2) at an overpotential of only approximate to 255 mV. The nanosheets also demonstrate robustness under harsh oxidizing conditions. Theoretical calculations give insights into the OER mechanism and reveal that the edges are the origin of the high OER activity of the nanosheets. Moreover, the post OER analyses indicate, apart from coarsening, no observable change in the morphology of the nanosheets or oxidation states of ruthenium during the electrocatalytic process. Therefore, the present investigation suggests that ruthenate nanosheets are a promising acid medium OER catalyst with application potential in proton exchange membrane electrolyzers and beyond.

Published in:
Advanced Energy Materials, 9, 15, 1803795
Apr 18 2019

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