A Self-Assembled Organic/Metal Junction for Water Photo-Oxidation

We report the in situ self-assembly of TTF, TTF•+, and BF4 − or PF6 − into p-type semiconductors on the surface of Pt microparticles dispersed in water/acetonitrile mixtures. The visible light photoactivation of these selfassemblies leads to water oxidation forming O2 and H+, with an efficiency of 100% with respect to the initial concentration of TTF•+. TTF•+ is then completely reduced to TTF upon photoreduction with water. The Pt microparticles act as floating microelectrodes whose Fermi level is imposed by the different redox species in solution; here predominantly TTF, TTF•+, and HTTF+, which furthermore showed no signs of decomposition in solution.

Published in:
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 16, 6765-6774
Apr 09 2019

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