Multi-user core microscopy facilities are often faced with the challenge to adapt or modify existing instruments. This is essential in order to fulfill the requirements of the user community, who wants to image a wide range of model organisms with varying stains and sample thicknesses. In recent years, lightsheet microscopy has turned into an invaluable tool for both live and cleared sample imaging of many different specimens. This brought up new challenges in terms of sample mounting as the classical approach of attachment onto a coverslip cannot be universally applied. Here we describe the development of a diversified holder which extends the range of samples which can be imaged on a Zeiss Lightsheet microscope Z1. We focus on mounting strategies of cleared specimens; however, the holder and mounting strategy can be applied to live specimens too. The proposed methodology provides very high flexibility along with numerous possibilities for adaptation based on imaging specimen size, condition and available clearing reagents. Moreover, the described mounting strategies can be applied to other light sheet microscopes that can mount 1 mL syringes.