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000265972 245__ $$aA Generalized Index for Static Voltage Stability of Unbalanced Polyphase Power Systems including Thévenin Equivalents and Polynomial Models
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000265972 520__ $$aThis paper proposes a Voltage Stability Index (VSI) suitable for unbalanced polyphase power systems. To this end, the grid is represented by a polyphase multiport network model (i.e., hybrid parameters), and the aggregate behavior of the devices in each node by Thévenin Equivalents (TEs) and Polynomial Models (PMs), respectively. The proposed VSI is a generalization of the known L-index, which is achieved through the use of compound electrical parameters, and the incorporation of TEs and PMs into its formal definition. Notably, the proposed VSI is capable of handling unbalanced polyphase power systems, explicitly takes into account voltage-dependent behavior (represented by PMs), and is computationally inexpensive. These features are valuable for the operation of both transmission and distribution systems. Specifically, the ability to handle the unbalanced polyphase case is of particular value for distribution systems. In this context, it is proven that the hybrid parameters required for the calculation of the VSI do exist under practical conditions (i.e., for lossy grids). The proposed VSI is validated against state-of-the-art methods for voltage stability assessment using a benchmark system which is based on the IEEE 34-node feeder.
000265972 6531_ $$ahybrid parameters
000265972 6531_ $$amultiport network model
000265972 6531_ $$apolynomial model
000265972 6531_ $$apolyphase power systems
000265972 6531_ $$aThevenin equivalent
000265972 6531_ $$aunbalanced power systems
000265972 6531_ $$avoltage stability index
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