Intermittent phenomena have long been studied in the context of nondiffusive transport across a variety of fields. In the TORPEX device, the cross-field spreading of an injected suprathermal ion beam by electrostatic plasma turbulence can access different nondiffusive transport regimes. A comprehensive set of suprathermal ion time series has been acquired, and time intermittency quantified by their skewness. Values distinctly above background level are found across all observed transport regimes. Intermittency tends to increase toward quasi-and superdiffusion and for longer propagation times of the suprathermal ions. The specific prevalence of intermittency is determined by the meandering motion of the instantaneous ion beam. We demonstrate the effectiveness of an analytical model developed to predict local intermittency from the time-average beam. This model might thus be of direct interest for similar systems, e.g., in beam physics, or meandering flux-rope models for solar energetic particle propagation. More generally, it illustrates the importance of identifying the system-specific sources of time-intermittent behavior when analyzing nondiffusive transport.