Urine-Contactless Device to Empty Bladders: an Ex-Vivo Proof-of-Concept Study in Porcine Bladders

Current treatments for underactive bladder (UAB) have negative side effects, such as urinary tract infections, mainly because devices used for bladder emptying are in direct contact with urine (e.g. permanent or intermittent catheterisation). Moreover, most of the current solutions are invasive [1]. In the present study, we are evaluating the feasibility of a new approach to help empty the bladder, consisting of a non-invasive, urine-contactless device. If this proves to be successful, it could improve the quality of life in patients suffering from UAB. This system is based on the impedance pump principle. An impedance pump is a valve-less pump which is able to drive flow by means of an impedance mismatch: travelling waves are generated by compressing an elastic tube at a specific frequency and location. Reflections of the waves at the points of impedance mismatch create a complex pattern of nonlinear wave interference. The result of these wave-interactions can be a directed flow [2]. This study tests the hypotheses that an impedance pump externally compressing a porcine urethra is able to: i) increase the urinary flow and ii) lead to complete bladder emptying.

Published in:
Proceedings of the 49th Annual Congress of the International Continence Society, 38, S44-S45
Presented at:
The 49th Annual Congress of the International Continence Society (ICS 2019), Gothenburg, Sweden, September 3-6, 2019
Hoboken, Wiley

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