Preliminary Confinement Studies during ECRH in TCV

Within the range of plasma shapes and plasma currents investigated, the electron confinement time, Tau_E increases with density, elongation and negative triangularity (-0.4<delta<+0.4), similar to Ohmic heating (in these low density discharges). In addition, TauEe increases with q_a up to q_a~5 after which it decreases. There is little dependence of TauEe on the heating location provided it is inside the q= I surface. As the heating location is moved outside the q=l surface, TauEe decreases. This may be the explanation of the observed decrease in TauEe at high q_a. The power-induced degradation exponent found is generally as expected: alpaha_P = -0.5.

Jacquinot, J.
Von Oosl, G.
Weynonts, R.R.
Published in:
europhysics conference obstrocts, 22A, 253-256
Presented at:
Second Europhysics Topicol Conference on Radio Freqlency Heating and Current Drive of Fusion Devices, Brussels (Belgium), January 20-23 1998
Mulhouse, Europeon Physicol Society
Determination of confinement dependencies on radial deposition location (determination of what "central" ECRH heating means with respect to confinement, role of sawtooth inversion radius), on density, safety factor, power, elongation and triangularity for -0.5

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