Ice calving is the breakaway process of icebergs which plays an important role in the dy- namics and the mass balance of ice sheets. Our project is to use Akantu (An open source object-oriented Finite Element library by LSMS) to reproduce the fracturing stages of the Bowdoin glacier in Greenland. Studies were first made on the mechanisms of ice calving and the provided data, to extract the key factors for our simulation. The HPC (high performance computing) simulation model was built by Python scripts, including preprocessing mesh file, applying arbitrary loading profiles, defining boundary conditions and initial conditions, pass- ing message through the simulation process, etc. The simulation scheme has been modified to better analysis the impact of water pressure and velocity field. Simulation acceleration was also implemented by amplifying the velocity field, so that the damage initiation and propagation could be explored faster. Some preliminary results about the relationship of system energy and damage propagation was analyzed. In the end, we proposed some study direction for the future researchers on the similar subject.