The isomeric complexity of glycans make their analysis by traditional techniques particularly challenging. While the recent combination of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) with cryogenic IR spectroscopy has demonstrated promise as a new tech-nique for glycan analysis, this approach has been limited by the modest resolution of the ion mobility stage. In this work we report results from a newly developed instrument that combines ultrahigh-resolution IMS with cryogenic IR spectroscopy for glycan analysis. This apparatus makes use of the recent development in travelling-wave IMS called structures for lossless ion manipulation (SLIM). The IMS stage allows the selection of glycan isomers that differ in collisional cross section by as little as 0.2% before injecting them into a cryogenic ion trap for IR spectral analysis. We compare our results to those using drift-tube IMS and highlight the advantages of the substantial increase in resolution. Application of this approach to glycan mixtures demonstrates our ability to isolate individual components, measure a cryogenic IR spectrum, and identify them using a spectroscopic database.