This paper introduces an interactive web-based visualizer for multi-metric daylight simulation results, named OCUVIS. It is able to display simulation-based results for a diverse range of ocular human-centric metrics such as non-visual health potential (nvRD), daylight-related visual interest (mSC5) and visual comfort (DGP with Ev), as well as horizontal illumination metrics such as spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA), Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) and Daylight Factor (DF)). To provide a holistic representation of performance across a multi-directional field-of-view, OCUVIS creates an interactive visualization of results over time and across space, linking temporal and 3D graphics. This allows the user to explore the impacts of dynamic sky conditions, view position, view direction and program use on localized and building scale performance. OCUVIS bridges the gap between human and building-scale daylight potential to offer a more holistic and intuitive representation of daylight performance in buildings.