High-power modular LED-based illumination systems for mask-aligner lithography

Mask-aligner lithography is traditionally performed using mercury arc lamps with wavelengths ranging from 250 nm to 600 nm with intensity peaks at the i, g and h lines. Since mercury arc lamps present several disadvantages, it is of interest to replace them with high power light emitting diodes (LEDs), which recently appeared on the market at those wavelengths. In this contribution, we present a prototype of an LED-based mask-aligner illumination. An optical characterization is made and the prototype is tested in a mask-aligner. Very good performances are demonstrated. The measured uniformity in the mask plane is 2:59 ± 0:24 % which is within the uniformity of the standard lamp. Print tests show resolution of 1 micron in contact printing and of 3 microns in proximity printing with a proximity gap of 30 microns.

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Optics Express, 26, 9, 11503
Apr 30 2018
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