Insulator materials are the recent research interest in Spintronics because of the absence of joule heating. There has been continued interest in insulator material Cu2OSeO3 because it possesses the novel Skyrmion phase [1], specific type of spin vortices in the lattice, characterized by quantized topological number, near the paramagnetic phase boundary [2]. This Skyrmion phase can be harnessed for the switching applications in the data storage devices [3–6]. We study the effect of positive or negative DC electric field on the Skyrmion phase boundary of this material by magnetoelectric susceptibility(dM/dE)measurements, which is a sensitive technique for scanning phase boundary [7,8]. We scan out the phase diagram for positive, negative and zero DC electric fields and find that electric field effect is maximum at the phase boundaries and decreases inside the phase There is no cut-off for the electric field effect. Also, the electric field effect is maximum at upper skyrmion boundary compared to other phase boundaries. We also show the small expansion(contraction) of Skyrmion phase along temperature axis with the application of positive(negative) DC electric field.