Provision of Ancillary Services utilizing a Network of Fast-Charging Stations for Electrical Buses

We demonstrate how charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles can be utilized for the provision of Ancillary Services to the Power Grid. Fast- charging stations that supply energy to vehicles at high power rates in- corporate energy storage to prevent high currents to the grid and to avoid peak-demand price charges. A network of charging stations with storage has also the potential to generate Ancillary Services. The main challenge is in the synchronization between the stochastic demand for control energy and the requirements for fast-charging services from arriving electrical ve- hicles. The method presented first calculates the maximum capacity of control-energy the system can provide and during operation delivers it to the grid upon request, while it continuously provides fast-charging ser- vices to the vehicles. To showcase our concept we utilize the ABB TOSA electrical bus charging network and the Ancillary Services requirements of Swissgrid, the Transmission System Operator of Switzerland. We show, through our simulation studies, using realistic models and energy prices, that the method is technically feasible, can deliver a considerable level of control energy and has a minor impact on the lifetime of the storage system, while generating substantial economic advantages.


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