Acoustic Analogues of High-Index Optical Waveguide Devices

High index optical waveguide devices such as slab waveguides, strip waveguides and fibers play extremely important roles in a wide range of modern applications including telecommunications, sensing, lasing, interferometry, and resonant amplification. Yet, transposing these advantageous applications from optics to acoustics remains a fundamental practical challenge, since most materials exhibit refractive indices lower than that of air for sound waves. Here, we demonstrate the relevance of acoustic metamaterials for tackling this pivotal problem. More specifically, we consider a metamaterial built from subwavelength air-filled acoustic pipes engineered to effectively exhibit a higher refractive index than homogenous air. We show that such medium can be employed to realize acoustic equivalents of dielectric slab or strip waveguides, and optical fibers. Unlike conventional acoustic pipes, our guiding approach allows the waveguide to remain open to the external medium, which opens an abundance of new opportunities in noise management, medical imaging, underwater communication systems, and sensing.

Publié dans:
Scientific Reports, 8, 10401
Jul 10 2018

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