Personal exposure to cough released droplets in quiescent environment and ventilated spaces

This study shows the results of an experimental investigation of personal exposure to cough released droplets. Human body is resembled by a thermal manikin with a body shape and surface temperature distribution of a real person. The objective of the study is to examine personal exposure of the manikin exposed to cough released droplets in a calm indoor environment and under uniform air patterns relative to a human body. The findings show that human body orientation relative to the direction and magnitude of invading flow from the surroundings considerably modifies personal exposure. Surrounding uniform flows is most of the scenarios decrease the exposure to cough droplets, however not in all scenarios. Study results show that understanding of the air patterns should be prioritized in ventilation design practice

Published in:
Proceedings, 174-181
Presented at:
The 13th SCANVEC International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 19-22, 2014

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