Highly efficient coupling of crystalline microresonators to integrated photonic waveguides

Crystalline optical whispering gallery mode resonators made from alkaline earth fluorides can achieve exceptionally large optical finesse, and are used in a variety of applications, from frequency stabilization and narrow linewidth lasers, to low-noise microwave generation or soliton Kerr frequency combs. Here we demonstrate an efficient coupling method to resonators of these materials, which employs photonic integrated waveguides on a chip based on silicon nitride. By converting a mode from silicon nitride to a free-hanging silica waveguide on a silicon chip, coupling to a crystalline resonator is achieved with a high extinction, while preserving a quality factor exceeding 200 million. This compact, heterogeneous integration of ultra-high 𝑄-factor crystalline resonators with photonic waveguides provides a proof of concept for wafer scale integration and robust, compact packaging for a wide range of applications.

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Optics Letters, 43, 9, 2106
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