Point clouds are one of the most promising technologies for 3D content representation. In this paper, we describe a study on quality assessment of point clouds, degraded by octree-based compression on different levels. The test contents were displayed using Screened Poisson surface reconstruction, without including any textural information, and they were rated by subjects in a passive way, using a 2D image sequence. Subjective evaluations were performed in five independent laboratories in different countries, with the inter-laboratory correlation analysis showing no statistical differences, despite the different equipment employed. Benchmarking results reveal that the state-of-the-art point cloud objective metrics are not able to accurately predict the expected visual quality of such test contents. Moreover, the subjective scores collected from this experiment were found to be poorly correlated with subjective scores obtained from another test involving visualization of raw point clouds. These results suggest the need for further investigations on adequate point cloud representations and objective quality assessment tools.