In this work we report a new class of ultra-thin film devices based on n-n van der Waals (vdW) heteroj unctions of MoS2 and VO2, which show remarkable tunable characteristics. The favorable band alignment combined with the sharp and clean vdW interface determines a tunable diode-like characteristic with a rectification ratio larger than 103. Moreover, the heterojunction can be turned into a Schottky rectifier with higher on-current by triggering the VO2 insulator to metal transition (IMT), by either applying a sufficiently large voltage or increasing the temperature above 68 °C. The proposed devices are photosensitive with linear photoresponse and temperature tunable photoresponsivity values larger than 1 in the 500/650 nm wavelength range. We finally report the first ever field-effect transistor based on gated MoS2/VO2 heterojunctions, which is a true low power FET exploiting a phase change material where the electrostatic doping effect of the gate on the junction results in a subthreshold slope (SS) of 130 mV/dec at room temperature, ION/IOFF > 103 and IoFF <; 5 pA/μm at Vd = 1.5V.