The study of quantum matter has become a great part of modern physics research. Quantum criticality appears in the vicinity of a quantum critical point where there is an interplay between quantum and thermal fluctuations. In the quantum critical region, ’exotic’ phases therefore appear which might be the origin of unconventional superconductivity, for example. The study of quantum phase transitions has also many potential technological applications such as in memory storage devices or in processors for future quantum simulations. Technologies may be fabricated with materials showing interesting behaviour of charge, spin and current at cryogenic temperatures. In this report, a Graphic User Interface will be presented which helps to visualize quantum critical scaling. Then, the GUI will be used to determine the critical scaling of the magnetization and thermal expansion of Cu(C4H4N2)(NO3)2 as already done in [1]. A critical scaling of the susceptibility of LiErF4 is found. Finally, there seems to be a critical scaling for the dielectric constant of Ba2CoGe2O7 but stronger evidence is needed to confirm this hypothesis.