Drop-on-Demand Inkjet Printing of Functional Composites

Drop-on-Demand Inkjet printing can be used as an effective technique to deposit the sensing layer in chemical sensors. However, formulation of inks containing functional materials remains challenging due to rheological constraints imposed by the inkjet printer. Here, we show a systematic process to formulate and print functional inks containing polymer and carbon black (CB) particles. The functional ink is used for sensing different analytes considering the polarity of the polymer1,2. We formulated inks containing polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) with the molecular weight of 40 kDa and 360 kDa. We used high-structured carbon black as the conductive filler. Printing parameters were optimized and the polymer composite was printed on the sensor platform with screen printed interdigitated electrode (IDE). The ink showed good stability over time and no sedimentation was observed even weeks after the formulation. In the next step we characterize the sensing behavior of the printed campsites.

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Swiss-eprint, Basel, Switzerland

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