The SaPPART COST Action: main outcomes and deliverables

The deployment of autonomous vehicles is becoming a reality on the European road network and will significantly affect the future liability of different actors in the road and transport sectors. Liability is strongly linked with the trust that you can have in a system, like a vehicle with advanced driver assistance or automatic driving capabilities. In these applications the vehicle positioning is one of the most critical components because most of the decisions are based on the location of the vehicle itself and of other vehicles and objects in its vicinity. -- This presentation is part of the final event of the European COST Action ”Satellite Positioning Performance Assessment for Road Transport” (SaPPART). At this occasion, the main outcomes of the Action will be presented within the context of very demanding applications, like autonomous driving.

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SaPPART final conference: "High Quality Positioning: a Key to Success for Autonomous Driving", Brussels, Belgium, October 4, 2017

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