Iterative image subset processing for image reconstruction

The present invention is notably directed to computer-implemented methods and systems for recovering an image. Present methods comprise: accessing signal data representing signals; identifying subsets of points arranged so as to span a region of interest as current subsets of points; reconstructing an image based on current subsets of points, by combining signal data associated to the current subsets of points; detecting one or more signal features in a last image reconstructed; for each of the detected one or more signal features, modifying one or more subsets of the current subsets, so as to increase, for each of the modified one or more subsets, a relative number of points at a location of said each of the detected one or more signal features. The relative number of points of a given subset at a given location may be defined as the number of points of said given subset at the given location divided by the total number of points of said given subset, whereby new current subsets of points are obtained; and repeating the above steps of reconstructing, detecting and modifying, as necessary to obtain a reconstructed image that satisfies a given condition.

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