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Compilation of low-energy constraints on 4-fermion operators in theS MEFT

We compile information from low-energy observables sensitive to flavorconserving 4-fermion operators with two or four leptons. Our analysis includes data from e(+)e(-) colliders, neutrino scattering on electron or nucleon targets, atomic parity violation, parity-violating electron scattering, and the decay of pions, neutrons, nuclei and tau leptons. We recast these data as tree-level constraints on 4-fermion operators in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) where the SM Lagrangian is extended by dimension-6 operators. We allow all independent dimension-6 operators to be simultaneously present with an arbitrary flavor structure. The results are presented as a multi-dimensional likelihood function in the space of dimension-6 Wilson coefficients, which retains information about the correlations. In this form, the results can be readily used to place limits on masses and couplings in a large class of new physics theories.


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