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Considering the nuclear phase-out strategy of several European countries and the future tendency to promote renewable energies, the exploitation of small hydropower sites (<10 MW) becomes increasingly important. In this framework DuoTurbo Turbine, a new DuoTurbo-microturbine prototype for drinking water networks has been jointly developed by the HES-SO Valais//Wallis , the EPFL-Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines and industrial partners. The modular in- line “plug & play” technology requires low investment, reaching economic feasibility with an available power between 5 kW and 25 kW. One stage of the microturbine consists of two axial counter-rotating runners that form a compact independent unit. Each runner of the turbine holds its own rim generator, the DuoTurbo-configuration involving that each hydraulic runner is integral with each electrical rotor. The possibility of stacking several stages in series enables covering quite a wide range of hydraulic power and, thus, recovering a maximum of energy dissipated in release valves of water supply systems. The present work introduces the global concept of the implemented prototype of the DuoTurbo-microturbine, to target a maxim al injected power of 5 kW for a discharge of 9 l/ s and a head of 24.5 m per stage. The main features of the hydraulic, the mechanical, the electrical and the electronic design are presented. The hydraulic performance is, then, assessed using CFD simulations for the expected operating range. Finally, the performance measurements of the single-stage prototype installed in the hydraulic test rig of the HES-SO Valais//Wallis are presented.