Process-oriented Life Cycle Assessment framework for environmentally conscious manufacturing

Environmental concern requires manufacturers to extend the domain of their control and responsibility across the product's life cycle. Much of the research has concentrated on assessment of environmental performance through the application of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) framework that provides a technical methodology to help identification of environmental impacts of product systems. However, the current LCA framework does not incorporate dynamic and diverse characteristics of manufacturing processes. As a result, the LCA's referential data will largely deviate from the real ones to an extent that the purpose of LCA is not meaningful. In other words, the current and fixed referential data-based method is not suitable to specify the impact categories related to manufacturing processes. From the perspective of decision making related with environmental impact during manufacturing, the current LCA method carried out in the off-line is hard to apply. As a result, performance index, such as greenability, a major performance index for environment conscious manufacturing cannot be implemented in the real practice. This paper presents the development of a framework (called process-oriented LCA) to realize environmental conscious manufacturing incorporating both greenability and productivity. To show the applicability and validity of this framework, experiments and analysis have been conducted and a prototype system has been implemented for a turning machining process.

Published in:
Journal Of Intelligent Manufacturing, 28, 6, 1481-1499
Dordrecht, Springer

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