CleanM: An Optimizable Query Language for Unified Scale-Out Data Cleaning

Data cleaning has become an indispensable part of data analysis due to the increasing amount of dirty data. Data scientists spend most of their time preparing dirty data before it can be used for data analysis. At the same time, the existing tools that attempt to automate the data cleaning procedure typically focus on a specific use case and operation. Still, even such specialized tools exhibit long running times or fail to process large datasets. Therefore, from a user’s perspective, one is forced to use a different, potentially inefficient tool for each category of errors. This paper addresses the coverage and efficiency problems of data cleaning. It introduces CleanM ( pronounced clean’em), a language which can express multiple types of cleaning operations. CleanM goes through a three-level translation process for optimiza- tion purposes; a different family of optimizations is applied in each abstraction level. Thus, CleanM can express complex data cleaning tasks, optimize them in a unified way, and deploy them in a scaleout fashion. We validate the applicability of CleanM by using it on top of CleanDB, a newly designed and implemented framework which can query heterogeneous data. When compared to existing data cleaning solutions, CleanDB a) covers more data corruption cases, b) scales better, and can handle cases for which its competitors are unable to terminate, and c) uses a single interface for querying and for data cleaning

Published in:
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 10, 11
Presented at:
43rd International Conference on Very Large Databases, Munich, Germany, August 28th to September 1, 2017
New York, Assoc Computing Machinery

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