A multi-agent based analytical approach for service restoration in distribution networks

With the advent of smart grids and the higher level of requirement for the quality of supply, restoration of distribution networks is a timely topic that deserves to be revisited. In this paper, the concept of multi-agent automation in smart grids is applied to build a self-healing framework to be used for the restoration service. The optimal restoration solution is found solving a global optimization problem in a distributed way. The restoration problem including power flow equations is modeled as a second order cone programming problem and carried out on a 70-bus distribution network. The model is implemented in Matlab/Yalmip toolbox and solved using Gurobi solver.

Publié dans:
2017 IEEE Manchester PowerTech, 1-6
Présenté à:
2017 IEEE Manchester PowerTech, Manchester, United Kingdom, 18-22 June 2017
New York, IEEE

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