Method for manufacturing electrical conductors, and electrical conductors manufactured according to same

A method for manufacturing an electrical conductor 43 and an electrical conductor 43 manufactured according to the method, said method comprising: providing a substrate 30; depositing a solid metal conductive layer or film 40 on said substrate 30; Depositing a liquid metal on said solid layer 40; and allowing said liquid metal and said solid layer 40 to alloy by diffusion of said liquid metal into said solid layer or film 40 so as to form a solid conductive layer or film 41 of said alloy; as well as allowing said liquid metal to further infiltrate said alloy 41 so as to form percolating paths and/or droplets 42 of said liquid metal in said solid conductive layer or film 41, thus forming a biphasic conductive layer 43.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Verfahren zur herstellung elektrischer leiter und nach diesem verfahren hergestellte elektrische leiter (fr) Procédé de fabrication de conducteurs électriques et conducteurs électriques fabriqués selon celui-ci
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