Book Chapter

Joint Computing and Electric Systems Optimization for Green Datacenters

This chapter presents an optimization framework to manage green datacenters using multilevel energy reduction techniques in a joint approach. A green datacenter exploits renewable energy sources and active Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units to reduce the energy intake from the grid while improving its Quality of Service (QoS). At server level, the state-of-the-art correlation-aware Virtual Machines (VMs) consolidation technique allows to maximize server’s energy efficiency. At system level, heterogeneous Energy Storage Systems (ESS) replace standard UPSs, while a dedicated optimization strategy aims at maximizing the lifetime of the battery banks and to reduce the energy bill, considering the load of the servers. Results demonstrate, under different number of VMs in the system, up to 11.6% energy savings, 10.4% improvement of QoS compared to existing correlation-aware VM allocation schemes for datacenters and up to 96% electricity bill savings.

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