Discrete-Time Domain Modeling of Voltage Source Inverters in Standalone Applications: Enhancement of Regulators Performance by Means of Smith Predictor

The decoupling of the capacitor voltage and inductor current has been shown to improve significantly the dynamic performance of voltage source inverters in standalone applications. However, the computation and pulse width modulation delays still limit the achievable bandwidth. In this paper, a discrete-time domain modeling of an LC plant with consideration of delay and sample-and-hold effects on the state feedback cross-coupling decoupling is derived. From this plant formulation, current controllers with wide bandwidth and good relative stability properties are developed. Two controllers based on lead compensation and Smith predictor design, respectively, are obtained. Subsequently, the voltage regulator is also designed for a wide bandwidth, which permits the inclusion of resonant filters for the steady-state mitigation of odd harmonics at nonlinear unbalance load terminals. Discrete-time domain implementation issues of an antiwind up scheme are discussed as well, highlighting the limitations of some discretization methods. Extensive experimental results, including a short-circuit test, verify the theoretical analysis.

Publié dans:
Ieee Transactions On Power Electronics, 32, 10, 8100-8114
Piscataway, Ieee-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc

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