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Silver-Catalyzed Three-Component 1,1-Aminoacylation of Homopropargylamines: α-Additions for Both Terminal Alkynes and Isocyanides

The reaction of secondary homopropargylamines, isocyanides, and water in the presence of a catalytic amount of silver acetate and subsequent purification by chromatography on silica gel afforded substituted proline amides in good to excellent yields. Primary homopropargylamines underwent a cyclizative Ugi -Joullié three-component reaction with isocyanides and carboxylic acids to afford functionalized N-acyl proline amides. High diastereoselectivity was observed in the synthesis of 4-alkoxy and 4,5-disubstituted proline derivatives. This work represents the first examples of a three-component cyclizative 1,1-aminoacylation of terminal alkynes.


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