GNSS Multipath Estimation and Mitigation Using a Rotating Antenna

We describe the experimental framework that we have developed to study the use of synthetic aperture in GNSS receivers to estimate and mitigate multipath interference. By combining the signal received by a single moving antenna during different time instants along a known trajectory, it is possible to per-form spatial filtering on the received signal. Our framework is divided in two parts. First, we modified a software GNSS receiver to implement beamforming and direction of arrival (DoA) algorithms, which have been adapted to work with synthetic aperture, instead of with a fixed antenna array. Second, we built a rotating arm supporting an antenna in order to implement circular trajectories of 0.5 to 1 m radius, and adjustable rotating speeds of up to 1.5 rev/s. Finally, we present an analysis of the performance of the algorithms implemented using real data obtained with our rotating antenna.

Published in:
Proceedings of the European Navigation Conference 2017
Presented at:
European Navigation Conference (ENC 2017), Lausanne, Switzerland, May 9-12, 2017
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