Autonomous and non-autonomous dynamic model based navigation system for unmanned vehicles

A navigation system including a vehicle dynamic model (VDM) that serves as the main process model within a navigation filter is described. When used in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the navigation system may work in communication with inertial measurement units (IMUs) and environment dependent sensors such as GNSS receivers. Particularly, the navigation system is beneficial in the case of GNSS signal reception outages, where conventional IMU coasting drifts quickly. Yet, the navigation system may also be employed in other scenarios, for example during GNSS presence for improved positioning, velocity and attitude determination, or in combination with GNSS when no IMU is available by design or due to a failure. In the navigation system, a solution to VDM equations provides an estimate of position, velocity, and attitude, which can be updated within a navigation filter based on available observations, such as IMU data or GNSS measurements.

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