Ultrasonic driving method

A method for driving a first component (11) into a second component (12) by superimposing a mechanical wave of ultrasonic frequency (18) onto the movement (17) of at least one of the components (11, 12). The method comprises a step of adjusting the parameters of the method in order to control the quantity of energy dissipated at the interface (13) between the two components (11, 12). In particular, the oscillatory displacement at ultrasonic frequency is measured optically at a frequency greater than the ultrasonic application frequency and the oscillation amplitude is therefore estimated in real time in order to be able to keep same constant during the driving operation as a result of adjusting the ultrasonic power injected into the system. In particular, the method consists of driving timepiece components such as a pin, a shaft, a tube, a pinion, a screw foot, a post, a tube, an hour wheel, a timepiece jewel, a bearing, a timepiece shock-absorber, an intermediate part in a plate, a bridge, a ring, an intermediate part, a timepiece wheel, a disc, a dial, a hand or a bracelet link.


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