Neuroprosthetic System Restoring Upper Limb Function Through Coordinated Electrical Stimulation

Neuroprosthetic device for restoring daily-life action movements of upper limbs in patients suffering from motor impairments. The neuroprosthetic device comprises several non-invasive electrodes adapted to be fixed on a patient body, in a way as to stimulate at least two separate muscles which participate to the movement execution of the upper limb, an electrical stimulation device for injecting electrical current into said electrodes and a controller unit for regulating said currents through said electrodes. The neuroprosthetic device is characterized by the fact that the controller unit comprises transducing means which are adapted to convert an input current. The input current is regulated according to the intention to execute a movement, into a plurality of electrical currents defined in a way as to generate and modulate the movement execution, in order to generate complex goal-oriented movements for performing daily-living activities.

Alternative title(s) : (de) Neuroprothetisches system zur wiederherstellung der funktion der oberen gliedmassen durch koordinierte elektrostimulation (fr) Système de neuroprothèse pour restaurer la fonction d'un membre supérieur par l'intermédiaire d'une stimulation électrique coordonnée (en) Neuroprosthetic system restoring upper limb function through coordinated electrical stimulation
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