System to deliver adaptive epidural and/or subdural electrical spinal cord stimulation to facilitate and restore locomotion after a neuromotor impairment

The present invention provides a closed-loop system for real-time control of epidural and/or subdural electrical stimulation comprising: means for applying to a subject neuromodulation with adjustable stimulation parameters, said means being operatively connected with a real-time monitoring component comprising sensors continuously acquiring feedback signals from said subject, said signals being neural signals and/or signals providing features of motion of said subject, said system being operatively connected with a signal processing device receiving said feedback signals and operating real-time automatic control algorithms, said signal processing device being operatively connected with said means and providing said means with new stimulation parameters, with minimum delay. The system of the invention improves consistency of walking in a subject with a neuromotor impairment. A Real Time Automatic Control Algorithm is used, comprising a feedforward component employing a single input-single output model (SISO), or a multiple input-single output (MISO) model.

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